Rineer Motors

Rineer Hydraulics

For demanding, rugged applications requiring a unique hydraulic power profile, Rineer motors from Rexroth provide high torque at both start and stall, and flat torque throughout the entire speed range.

Bosch Rexroth continues to stay at the forefront of hydraulics technology with its Rineer motor. In production since 1967, Rineer motors feature the patented “vane crossing vane” design, a leading-edge concept in fluid power transmission, which allows for low speed/high torque and high speed/high torque. Torque curves are virtually flat, with maximum torque at start and stall conditions.

With over 50 displacements combined with a variety of optional features, Rineer motors are one of the most versatile hydraulic motors in the world…

Rineer motorsOffering an optimum power-to-weight ratio, smooth output over a wide speed range, and the unique capability to deliver maximum torque at zero rpm, Rineer motors are available in  four frame sizes: (MV015 series, MV037 series, MV057 series and MV125 series), with displacements ranging from 6 to 250+ cubic inch (98 to 4096+ cc) displacements (CID).

Only hardened materials and non-ferrous metals are used in the construction – a definite benefit when designing for dynamic braking and overrunning loads. The cavitation that typically occurs in these circuits does not affect motor integrity.

4-ported series 4-port motors are available in the 37, 57, and 125 Series. These Rineer motors are made up of two cartridges separated by a centre ported housing. Equal or dissimilar displacements may be combined to attain desired total cc/rev (CID). When supplied with external valving, they can be used as either 2- or 3-speed motors.

The 37D, 57D, and 125H are now part of family of Rineer motors too. This high performance design is for 4500 psi (310 bar) “continuous” service, and boosts torque and horsepower by 50% providing the same wide speed range of standard motors.

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