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Kawasaki Precison Machinery, part of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd, produces a diverse range of hydraulic products for mobile, industrial, marine, mining, and a variety of other applications. Popular products in their range include: K3V, K3VL and KV3G axial piston pumps, PV48 and RCV remote control valves, high-torque Kawaski motors (radial piston motors) made under the “Staffa” name and the MX/MB series of axial piston motors.

We will focus on the range of Staffa and Kawasaki motors here, but if you would like more information on the rest of their product range then you can simply hop over to our main website.

Kawasaki MotorsThe range of Staffa Kawasaki motors comprises the: HMB, HMC and HPC series of radial piston motors, all of which can be directly interchanged with Italgroup radial piston motors – there’s more information on our Italgroup pages if you’d like to take a look.

Staffa HMB Radial Piston Motors: A range of low speed, high torque fixed displacement radial piston hydraulic motors are available in 13 frame sizes ranging from the HMB010 to HMB700. These Kawasaki motors also offer:

  • Unique hydrostatic balancing giving minimum wear and extended life;Kawasaki-Staffa-HMB-Radial-Piston-Motor
  • High volumetric and mechanical efficiency;
  • A variety of capacities, ranging from 50 to 11600 cc per rev;
  • Variation of Shaft and Porting options;
  • Output torque up to 36000 Nm;
  • Large range of mounting interfaces available (on request, to match competitors’);
  • Highly accurate electronic positional and velocity control systems also available.

The Staffa HMB series of Kawaski motors includes: HMB010, HMB030, HMB045, HMB060, HMB080, HMB100, HMB125, HMB150, HMB200, HMB270, HMB325, HMB700 and HMBHDB400. Hop over to main website here if you would like more technical information.

Staffa HMC SeriesStaffa HMC Radial Piston Motors: The HMC series, dual displacement models have two pre-set displacements that can be selected to from a range to suit individual-specific needs. The displacements are hydraulically chosen by a directional control valve which can be mounted remotely or directly on the motor. Motor displacement can be changed with ease whilst the motor is in operation.

These Kawasaki motors are also available in a continuously variable version using either hydro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic control methods. Various mounting options are available on request to match many competitors’ interfaces, other key features include:

  • High torque at low speed;
  • Smooth running;
  • Displacement changes with ease when the motor is running;
  • Electro-hydraulic or hydro-mechanical control methods available;
  • Speed sensing options;
  • Motor mounted manifold options.

The Staffa HMC series of Kawasaki motors comes in 7 frame sizes: HMC030, HMC045, HMC080, HMC125, HMC200, HMC270 and HMC325. If you are looking for more technical information on these Kawaski motors, then we have it over on our main website here.

Staffa HPC SeriesStaffa HPC Series dual displacement models:  Also offering two pre-set displacements, chosen from a comprehensive range to suit specific application requirements. The displacements are hydraulically selected by a directional control valve which can be remote mounted or directly on the motor. Motor displacement can be modified easily when the motor is in operation.

The Staffa range of HP motors extends from the HPC080 at 1600cc/rev to the HPC325 of 5326 cc/rev, with the complete range of frame sizes being: HPC080, HPC125, HPC200, HPC270 and HPC325.  These Kawasaki motors also offer:

  • Enhanced power performance;
  • Increased speed;
  • Improved starting and running efficiency;
  • Increased back pressure capability;
  • High torques at low speed;
  • Smooth running;
  • Wide range of displacements to suit specific applications.

MX/MB Series Axial Piston Motors: These Kawasaki motors are ideal for construction and industrial machinery. The M3X/M3B have extended the speed range at both ends of the scale, while the new M5X series offers a more compact version of the M2X series on which it is based. The range comprises:

Kawasaki motors - M5X axial piston pump

  • M2X / M5X Slewing Kawasaki motors – A compact, high performance swash plate type axial piston motor for swing applications, available in a number of displacements: M2X63, M5X130, M5X180, M2X210, M2X63-RG06, M5X130 -RG10, M5X180-RG16 and M5X180-RG20
  • M3X General use fixed displacement – 4 models and 10 displacement types ranging from 149cm³ to 800cm³: M3X200, M3X280, M3X530, M3X800
  • M3B General use variable displacement – 4 models with displacement range from 195cm³ to 800cm³ and from 1,512cm³ to 5,120cm³ for those with reduction gears. Several combinations of large and small displacements are available along with a wide variation of regulators are also available for various control options: M3B200, M3B280, M3B530, M3B800
  • K3X Kawasaki motors – general use fixed displacement in 4 models with displacement range from 63cm³ to 111cm³: K3X63, K3X80, K3X90, K3X112.


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