Italgroup Hydraulic Motor


Italgroup hydraulic motor production, now surpasses 13,000 units each year, making the company a prominent player when it comes to radial piston motors…

Made entirely in Europe, the Italgroup hydraulic motor range is available in displacements ranging from 20cc to 8000cc, with fixed and dual speed versions and are capable of operating alongside different types of planetary gearboxes, hydraulic brakes and valves.

Two-speed motors and specialised motors can also be designed and manufactured to tailor to clients’ specific application requirements including marine and sub-sea applications, high & low speed (2 speed) and wheel motors. An Italgroup hydraulic motor can also be combined together with valves, brakes or gear reductions units.

… And the really good news? Italgroup radial piston motors can also be directly interchanged with: Dinamic Oil hydraulic motors, Duesterloh (Dusterloh) motors, Staffa hydraulic motors (Kawasaki Precision Machinery), Riva Calzoni radial piston motors, and Sai hydraulic motors.

The Italgroup hydraulic motor range comprises…

IAM Series, Single Displacement Radial Piston Motors: This is effectively the original Italgroup hydraulic motor  series of fixed displacement radial piston motors. Available in a wide range of displacements, 100cc-8000cc, it provides very high volumetric efficiency and can be used for motors needing high torques and low speeds. IAM Series - Single Displacement Motor, Italgroup Hydraulic Motor Other features include a wide speed range: 0.5 to 950rpm and an interchangeable mounting face.

The IAM Italgroup hydraulic motor range comprises: IAM H1, IAM H2, IAM H3,  IAM H4, IAM H45, IAM H5, IAM H55, IAM H6, IAM H7 and IAM H8. You can find more technical information over on our main website here.

IAMD Series, Heavy Duty, Single Displacement Radial Piston Motors: A higher-powered, heavier duty version of the IAM Italgroup hydraulic motor series. The use of low friction materials and hydrostatic balancing makes these motors ideal for the more demanding applications, where high performance is needed for long duty periods. Other features include: Italgroup hydraulic motor IAMD Series - Heavy Duty, Single Displacement Motor

  • Fixed displacement;
  • Displacement range: 200 cc/rev – 8000 cc/rev;
  • Higher mechanical efficiency, speed and power than standard IAM series;
  • Interchangeable mounting face.

The IAM heavy duty Italgroup hydraulic motor range comprises: IAMD H3, IAMD H4, IAMD H5, IAMD H6, IAMD H7 and IAMD H8. You can find more technical information over on our main website here.

G & GD Series, Compact, High Speed Single & Dual Displacement Motors: This series of hydraulic motors, with 9 radial pistons, are high speed and compact in both single and double displacement types. All available starting from 20 cc to give the efficiency of the radial piston construction… even for smaller displacements. Features:

Italgroup hydraulic motor G & GD Series - High Speed, Single & Dual Displacement Motor

  • Fixed & dual displacement;
  • Displacement range: 20 cc/rev – 100 cc/rev;
  • Speed: up to 2400 rpm;
  • Compact design;
  • High cavitation resistance;
  • Free-wheeling operation.

Available models: G20, G27, G34, G50, G75, G90, G100 and GD100 versions. You can find more technical information over on our main website here.

W Series, Single & Dual Displacement Motors: The W series of wheel motors, available with both fixed and dual speed, offers the compactness and speed of the G series directly coupled to the planetary gearbox and negative brake, complete with support for radial loads and direct flange mountings for wheels. Other features include:

W Series Italgroup hydraulic motor - Single & Dual Displacement Wheel Motor

  • Total displacement range: 350 cc/rev – 680 cc/rev;
  • Maximum output torque: 3800 Nm;
  • Maximum output speed: 600 rpm;
  • Compact design;
  • Wheel mounting;
  • Built-in negative brake;
  • Free-wheeling operation.

Available models: W05 G100, W05 GD100, W08 HC05 and W08 HC1 versions. You can find more technical information over on our main website here.

HC Series, High Cavitation, Single Displacement Radial Piston Motors: High rotation speed and compact size combined with high specific torque to deliver unique weight/power ratios are what’s on offer  with this Italgroup hydraulic motor. High rotation speeds are also permitted in free-wheeling conditions. Due to a new internal design intended to increase efficiency, the HC series handles free-wheeling with ease, even after lengthy periods of operation.

All these properties, combined with an ever-increasing range of fixed displacements (from 40 – 1000 cc/rev), and high cavitation resistance combine to make this Italgroup hydraulic motor an obvious solution for a vast number of industrial applications.

Italgroup hydraulic motor HC Series - high cavitation single displacement motor

The HC Italgroup hydraulic motor is available in the following models:

  • HC 05: 40, 60, 75, 90, 110, 130, 150, 170, 200 and 250;
  • HC 1: 100, 150, 175, 200, 250, 300 and 330;
  • HC 2: 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 500, 600 and 650;
  • HC 3: 350, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 and 1000.

You can find more technical information on the HC Series Italgroup hydraulic motor over on our main website here.

IAC Series, Dual Displacement Radial Piston Motors: The variety of displacements in the standard Italgroup hydraulic motor series is doubled by the dual displacement of the IAC motors. These “two speed” motors give the user two different operating conditions with just one motor and feature:.

Italgroup hydraulic motor IACSeries

  • Dual displacement;
  • Displacment range: 0 cc/rev – 5400 cc/rev;
  • Wide speed range: 1 to 1000 rpm;
  • Free-wheeling option;
  • Interchangeable mounting face.

Available models: IAC H1, IAC H2, IAC H3, IAC H4, IAC H5, IAC H6 and IAC H7 series. You can find more technical information on the IAC Series Italgroup hydraulic motor over on our main website here.

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