Dowty Hydraulic Motor

Dowty hydraulic motor

Dowty Hydraulics was a leading British manufacturer of aircraft equipment. The company designed and supplied hydraulic and actuation systems, advanced propeller systems, turbine engine components and tubular systems, in addition to owning the Hamble aircraft structures business and was also a market leader in the manufacturing of mining systems solutions.

Dowty Hydraulic MotorUnfortunately, the company no longer manufacture the Dowty hydraulic motor range… however if a pump (gear pump) or Dowty hydraulic motor is what you’re looking for, then the good news is that sourcing seemingly obsolete or discontinued hydraulic equipment is all in a day’s work for our knowledgeable team… we have over 75 years’ experience within our technical team afterall. So we can easily supply a modern-day, equivalent Dowty hydraulic motor or pump to replace your existing unit.

The Dowty hydraulic motor was, and indeed still is, a popular model because it offers:

  • High performance and durability;
  • Resistance to corrosion;
  • Straightforward installation and hassle-free maintenance;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Performance with SAE 20W oil at 50°C.

But supplying an equivalent Dowty hydraulic motor sounds too good to be true…

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And finally…

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