Denison Motors

Denison motors and hydraulics

Denison motors and hydraulics have a multitude of applications: from mobile equipment used in construction, agricultural, mining and utilities industries to machinery used in industrial manufacturing and marine equipment used in both commercial and military sea vessels.

Parker Hannifin, formerly Denison Hydraulics, is a leading industrial manufacturer providing highly engineered hydraulic fluid power systems and hydraulic components. Still often referred to as Denison motors, the range includes: fixed displacement, dual displacement, and variable displacement radial piston motors, made under the Calzoni brand.

Denison MotorsCalzoni radial LSHT (LOW Speed High Torque) hydraulic motors can be purchased in many configurations including single and 2 speed versions, with models including the MR series ranging from 33cc up to 7000cc and the MRE series ranging from 330cc up to 8200cc. For bigger displacements, the MRT, MRTE and MRTF hydraulic motor series ranging 7100cc up to 23000cc displacement are available. Dual displacement radial piston motors can be found in the MRD and MRDE model series and variable displacement radial piston motors in the MRV and MRVE series range from 300cc up to 8200cc.

Italgroup radial piston motors are can also be offered as direct equivalents to the Calzoni / Denison motors; this can be very beneficial if you’re up against particularly tight timescales or budgets. These completely European-made radial piston motors are available in displacements ranging from 20cc to 8000cc, with fixed and dual speed versions and can also be combined with planetary gearboxes, brakes and valves of various kinds. You can find out more about Italgroup over on our main website here.

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