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Caproni Hydraulics is located in Bulgaria and has been designing and supplying hydraulic components since 1960 for a wide range of industrial and mobile applications. In addition to Caproni motors, the comprehensive product range includes: hydraulic gear pumps, tandem pumps, sectional control valves, directional control valves, cartridge valves, mini power packs, hydraulic systems and cylinders.

Our main website has more information on the full Caproni hydraulics product range – click here for more details, but the range of Caproni motors includes:

Caproni MGL motorCaproni Motors, MGL Series: Displacement [cm3/rev.] 50 ÷ 315, Maximum pressure [bar] 140, Maximum oil flow [lpm] 25 ÷ 60, Maximum speed [RPM] 600, Maximum torque [daNm] 7.4 ÷ 30.5, Minimum speed [RPM] 10, Temperature range [°C] -30 ÷ 90, Viscosity range [mm2/s] 20 ÷ 75.

Caproni Motors, MHL Series: Displacement [cm3/rev.] 50 ÷ 400, Maximum pressure [bar] 175, Maximum oil flow [lpm] 60, Maximum speed [RPM] 1200, Maximum torque [daNm] 9.4 ÷ 50, Temperature range [°C] -30 ÷ 90, Viscosity range [mm2/s] 20 ÷ 75.

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