Hydraulic Motor

Types of Hydraulic Motor

Most types of hydraulic motor can be categorised as either a: radial piston motor, hydraulic gear motor, vane motor or axial piston / plunger type. We can help determine which will be best suited to your application.

Hydraulic Motor

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Hydraulic Motor Brands

We enjoy widespread, competitive access to both big name and niche hydraulic motor manufacturers and brands from around the world. Major brands and quality direct equivalents, even the seemingly obsolete – we have them all:

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Hydraulic Motor Basics

Prevention is always better than cure. Fact. So with over 75 years’ experience in our team we have put together some hydraulic motor reference material and “basics” on: jargon, hints, tips and troubleshooting…

Hydraulic motor symbols

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And a bit about us…

Hydraulics Online was established in 2004, and since then we have grown to become a respected name within the industry, supplying hydraulic systems and equipment all over the world. As an ISO 9001 accredited company, with over 75 years’ technical experience, we have a reputation for providing practical, trusted advice and solutions. In the words of ours customers and suppliers alike, we “know our stuff”… which is hopefully music to the ears if you’re needing some guidance on a hydraulic motor, or indeed anything else hydraulic for that matter.

Put simply, if it’s hydraulic we can design it, supply it, solve it or repair it: hydraulic motor, pumps, power packs, cylinders, valves, filters, accumulators, full systems and accessories… we do it all, offering access to a vast range of hydraulic equipment manufacturers from around the world. That makes showcasing everything that we do quite a challenge, which is why we have created this website dedicated purely to hydraulic motors. You can find out more about us by using the menu links above which will take you to our main website; we also have a catalogue containing a selection of products that we regularly supply.

Our customers come from all corners of the globe, and it is genuinely hard to think of an industry or market where we haven’t been involved to date. Really. Many of our customers are “big name” companies, experts themselves, with very clear ideas and requirements… while others are incidental users of hydraulics finding themselves in a breakdown situation with no idea of how to put things right. And our customers are, undoubtedly, our best advocates, which is why we regularly publish their case studies and testimonials, for example:

I just wanted to thank you for the speed and efficiency with which you dealt with my order for a hydraulic motor – I’ve told all the other fishermen in the area where to go to get their hydraulic parts in future!


I was really impressed with your company; very knowledgeable and professional. We received the hydraulic motor promptly and it was the correct motor. I wish companies in the United States were more customer orientated.

We have plenty more testimonials (you can find them using the link under the “About Us” tab above), but hopefully we’ve already convinced you that if you’re looking for a hydraulic motor, then you’re in the right place!